PKNP Group Emerge as Champion in National Day Parade Competition 2016

31 Aug 2016

August 31, 2016 – PKNP Group contingent has emerged as the winner of the National Day Parade Competition in the category of Statutory Body / Local Authority / Private / NGO for the year 2016. The last time PKNP Group won the competition was in 1993, about 24 years ago.

A total of 55 employees representing PKNP Group contingent who took part in the National Day parade have shown their commitments, discipline and high morale during training and competition.

#SehatiSejiwa is still maintained as the theme, logo and song for celebration of the National Day for this year. This tagline showed reflect the spirits of solidarity, understanding, togetherness and humanity of all people in Malaysia.

High hopes is placed on the PKNP Group contingent to further enhance the training and in order to maintain this position in the upcoming National Day parade.

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