01 Nov 2022


KUALA KANGSAR, 28th October 2022 - The Perak Sejahtera Student's Programme launched the ceremony at Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS), Kuala Kangsar. It is a continuity of Cikgu Saarani's Tuition Programme that supports B40 and Asnaf students to succeed and to look after the welfare of Perak children.


The e-wallet will channel the targeted students to buy essential goods and food at kiosks operated by entrepreneurs among graduates at IPTs via digital platforms.


Perak State has identified several IPTs to implement the programme, and USAS is the first project.


This initiative will create opportunities for affected students cause of the economic recession to generate employment through the entrepreneurship programme. The State Government cooperates with the corporate sector, GLCs, and IPTs to implement projects that ensure the well-being of students to facilitate comfort in learning and to achieve success.


YBhg. Datuk Redza Rafiq bin Abdul Razak, Chief Executive of PKNPk and a member of the Board of Directors of USAS, was also present in this programme.

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