12 Jun 2023


IPOH, 12th June 2023 – Hari Bertemu Pelanggan, held on 12th June 2023 in Ipoh at the Indera Mulia Stadium, is a significant Perak State Government monthly event. This event acts as a platform for open dialogue between the government and the public and aims to ensure that services are responsive and of top-notch quality.


The event had attended by the EXCO members of the State Government department heads from relevant agencies and the esteemed YAB Menteri Besar of Perak, all of whom are actively engaged and proactive in addressing the concerns and grievances raised by the community. The core focus of this gathering aligns perfectly with the State Government's commitment to enhancing the well-being of the people by providing efficient and equitable services as outlined in the Prosperity Plan 2030.


The primary objective of this program is to promptly address and resolve the issues brought forward by the public. The residents of Ipoh and the neighboring areas have warmly embraced the fifth edition of this event, showcasing its growing popularity and effectiveness in fostering better communication and service delivery.

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