03 Mar 2024


LUMUT, 3rd MARCH 2024 – Lumut Port, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perak Corporation Berhad, has recently opened its LMT2 Terminal as an extension of its terminal and bulk cargo services initiatives. LMT2 Terminal is a proof of Lumut Port's commitment to facilitating global trade, stimulating economic growth and promoting international cooperation, in particular those that promote healthy partnership between private and public sectors.


Parallel with the aspirations embodied by Perak Governments through its Perak Sejahtera 2030 and the incorporation of Lumut Maritime Industrial City (LuMIC) initiatives, Lumut Port aims to be the Most Efficient Cargo Terminal in Southeast Asia. In Perak Darul and the rest of the northern region, this synergistic initiative will be primarily aimed at driving and supporting port and logistic growth. The vision of this terminal has also been set, where it will be a centre of innovation and prosperous economy that are equipped with the latest industrial technology, efficient logistical system and sustainable environmental preservation practices.


New investments from the private sector, a Special Economic Zone incentive and closer co-operation between industry and higher education institutions have resulted in support for LuMIC, which is envisaged to become an urban Port City that will promote mobility and new employments among people throughout the region.

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