Property Development


Manifesting property development as one of the three core business areas is a testament to PKNP Group’s commitment in strengthening this sector as an enabler to economic growth.


Acknowledging the importance of ensuring property products are delivered in the right location, of the right type and at the correct time, PKNP Group responses to the need for better wellbeing of communities in the state by promoting inclusive development. 


As the property industry plays both catalytic as well as supporting roles to economic performance, PKNP Group will remain a significant player in Perak’s property landscape.


Regional Development


The Potential

With over 5 million acres of land and 10 administrative districts covering various industries and communities, Perak’s location and demographics exhibit abundant potential for accelerated development.  Perak has in various stages, planned to increase and improve regional connectivity.  An example would be the construction of a new West Coast Highway connecting Taiping in Perak to Banting in Selangor.

One of PKNP Group’s mission is to act as the prime mover to the state’s economic growth.  Apart from concentrating in developed areas, PKNP Group also places key emphasis on new growth regions with huge potentials.  PKNP Group has pledged to implement developments even in lowly developed regions and has laid down transformative plans to attract private sector participation with the support of both state and federal government.  

Accompanying regional comprehensive development plans with implementation mechanism and guidelines, PKNP strives to ensure proper progress and facilitation in regional development for continuous growth of the state.

South Perak Region holds massive opportunities for economic development on a regional scale and PKNP has been tasked to be the main driver for the region's economic progress. PKNP through its subsidiary, Perak Corporation Berhad (“PCB”) will be committed to be a key player in the South Perak Region Development. It plans to develop new townships, commercial areas and industrial developments in this region. Complemented by the spill over effect from Greater Kuala Lumpur, other strong supporting factors for development here include the availability of land, rich natural environment and existing tourist attractions.

In the pipeline is the new township of Rungkup Port City which is expected to spur economic growth in the State. Encompassing administrative townships, commercial areas and educational and information technology hubs, it will also lead to the expansion of logistics and infrastructure, hospitality and tourism as well as education.


Sowing New Seeds for Growth

Being a state agency which takes the driver’s seat in propelling economic growth, PKNP Group adopts a holistic approach in regional development.  Sanctioned to be the critical support in transformative development, selected dominant industries are being identified and plans are being developed to capitalise and attract inward investments for accelerated growth. 


PKNP Group aims to achieve the optimum mix of demand-driven industries placements via combination of experiences from strong track records, sound management skills, and unique collaborative position with federal agencies and other state agencies.  PKNP Group aims to make Perak’s existing and new regions to become highly conducive for all investments.

Township Development




Creating Townships and Building Communities

Townships and communities normally relate symbiotically with industries.  Be it agriculture, manufacturing, or service based industries, commercial and residential properties that form townships play the role of reservoir for resources and skills.


Recognising the significance of townships and its communities, PKNP Group leads the way in creating integrated townships in identified places to support progressive community needs.  PKNP Group also observes creation of values within existing townships and develops plans with the ultimate goal of raising overall socio-economic and intrinsic values in the areas.


With improved connectivity, better value-for-money properties and favourable family living being high on the list of many, residential properties in various townships in Perak have evolved into the providing of high quality living beyond being merely reservoir for resources retention.




Bandar Meru Raya

Bandar Meru Raya (BMR), the fast emerging township dubbed as the “New Heartbeat of Ipoh”, is PKNP Group’s flagship development of township.  Developed as Ipoh’s satellite metropolis, it is designed as the epitome of comprehensive and integrated destination of work, live, play and learn.  With vast offerings of attractive dwellings, administrative centre, entertainment, recreation and commercial centres, it is also an information and communication technology (ICT) hub accorded with Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status.


Covering over 3,000 acres of area, BMR’s ecosystem consists of a central bus terminal that enhances intra and inter-state connectivity, one large scale convention centre that is able to meet ever demanding requests of immaculate customers, international and national colleges and schools that meet the education needs of parents and children, a hypermarket that serves the cravings of gastronomy appetites and also meets multitude of households’ needs, over 4,000 units of residential and over 400 lots of commercial units to support various commerce and trade offerings. 


BMR currently houses 6 government offices in an expanding Government Precinct.  With the relocation of 18 more government agencies in the pipeline, BMR is set to be the main administrative centre of Perak Darul Ridzuan 


To date, BMR is now hosting an international class animation theme park, which is Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS). Other exciting landmarks and attractions that are complete and operational are Bulatan Amanjaya and Restaurant Rumah Traditional Melayu (RRTM) which are located side by side.

Bulatan Amanjaya, a public park that is managed by the Group is the green lung of BMR that opens to the public on 25 November 2016. This park feature events and activities to cater various age groups, which include mini water park and kid playground, extreme sports and skateboard ramp as well as areas for events and ceremonies.

RRTM is an area hosting three (3) traditional themed restaurants with total area of approximately 3.99 acres. This 3 traditional houses is different from one another in terms of types whereby one restaurant, Restoran Tok Nan has operated since 18 April 2017 while Labu Sayong Signature @ Meru commenced operation since 21 August 2017. There is also a food truck area beside the restaurants that has started operations which currently accommodates approximately eight (8) food trucks. 


Home to a plethora of integrated businesses, Bandar Meru Raya will boost Perak’s appeal as an investment destination of choice that offers varied prospects.

Industrial Development


Driving the Economy

Industrial estate development is a catalytic agent in bringing development that pulls support industries to form cohesive ecosystems which adds value in meeting compelling economic sector needs.


In 2013, 54 industrial projects were approved in Perak involving USD720 million in capital, of which 63% was foreign investment.


PKNP Group has identified and categorised main sectors of industries to concentrate its efforts on. These categories are divided into namely General Industries, Hi-Tech Industries and Aerospace Industries. 


Perak's Industrial Hub

PKNP Group’s decision to concentrate and develop on the key categories of industries is supported with great understanding that they fit strategically with Perak’s abundant resources.  PKNP Group’s overarching plans include developing synergistic ecosystems within these industrial parks, accommodating future initiatives, and targeting more value add and cohesiveness within and around industrial estates in Perak.


PKNP Group has to-date developed a total of no less than 8,000 acres under its Industrial Development initiative.  An exciting 11,000 acres have been slated to add to its already evident industrial estate development.  This includes the expansion plan for Lumut Port Industrial Park (LPIP) which at the moment is home to both local and foreign investors such as Petronas, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Tasek Cement, YTL Corporation, Lafarge and Wolcom.  Other notable industrial parks development are Kamunting Raya Industrial Park expansion and upcoming development of Seri Iskandar Industrial Park.