19 Jun 2024


TAIWAN, 17th JUNE 2024 – In recent years, due to the US-China Tech War and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, companies have accelerated their global strategic planning. On the 17th, the TPEx held a Malaysia Investment Seminar on "An Overview of Malaysia's Economic and Investment Landscape," attracting nearly 100 senior executives from almost 70 TPEx-listed companies, with enthusiastic feedback.


TPEx General Manager Ai-Ling Lee stated that the TPEx has celebrated its 30th anniversary, having supported over 2,500 companies in entering the capital market. The World Bank has recognized TPEx as the most experienced exchange in nurturing small and medium-sized enterprises. TPEx continues to play the role of a corporate coach, assisting companies in utilizing the capital raising and visibility functions of the TPEx market to grow and thrive progressively.


In recent years, due to geopolitical influences, companies have placed greater emphasis on risk resilience. With the trend of global supply chain reorganization, Southeast Asia has become a preferred choice for many companies, with Malaysia emerging as a popular investment destination.


To assist TPEx-listed companies in seizing investment opportunities in Malaysia and effectively planning related overseas strategies, TPEx organized this seminar, inviting experienced Taiwanese business representatives and officials from Malaysia to share local policies and their valuable experiences with TPEx-listed companies.


The seminar began with the Honorable Dato Law Choo Kiang, Speaker of the Penang State Legislative Assembly, sharing insights on Malaysia's investment and economic landscape. This was followed by Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung, Chairman, and Lee Qi Yong, Associate Manager of Hotayi Electronic (M) Sdn. Bhd., who discussed their experiences in setting up factories in Malaysia. Finally, Datuk Redza Rafiq Abdul Razak, CEO of the Perak State Development Corporation, and Director Ch’ng Soo Bee shared the regulations and considerations for land development in Malaysia. The practical perspectives provided at the seminar helped TPEx-listed companies grasp new opportunities in the New Southbound Policy, with lively interactions and high praise from the attendees.


TPEx will continue its 30-year tradition of dedicated service to TPEx-listed companies, promoting various policies advocated by regulatory authorities, such as ESG, greenhouse gas inventory, digital transformation, and alignment with IFRS sustainability disclosure standards. This will assist listed companies in achieving sustainable operations, enhancing competitiveness, and building resilience against risks, thereby strengthening the value of Taiwan's capital market and sharing business successes with investors, establishing TPEx as a trustworthy capital market.



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