Perak Points of Interest




The rich history of the state has left indelible marks on the landscape of Perak. Still standing today are various colonial buildings that evoke nostalgic memories of days past.


In Batu Gajah, the Kellie’s Castle beckons with its romance and stately ruins set among green fields and undulating hills. Right in the heart of Ipoh, the KTM Railway Station is the epitome of colonial structures standing tall and whitewashed.


A little further up north is Taiping which has its own share of historical buildings and landmarks, while an interesting looking tower leans and calls out in the town of Teluk Intan.




With its vast natural landscape, ecotourism is one of Perak’s strengths.


Among its treasures are the famed limestone hills and intricate cave formations. These elevations, while being the source of limestone and marble, also house interesting stalactites, stalagmites and cave formations that have long attracted tourists.


The natural cavernous formations are cool and compelling in their intricate networks of entries, pathways and tunnels and a number are also used as cave temples.


The state also has calm majestic lakes such as the Belum Lake for an experience of the lakeside and forest environment. They provide great opportunities for rustic adventures and happy trails and tracking.







Sun and Sea

The beaches of Perak offer visitors intimate opportunities to bask in abundant sunshine. 


Pangkor Island is one of the major attractions in Malaysia with its white sandy beaches and various accommodation facilities.